The story of Mel
March 28, 2019

Mel is a 29 year old.  He never graduated from high school and is unemployed.  He has a very narrow upper arch and wider lower arch, so his face is affected. I met him while I was volunteering for an …

neon tooth
Branding a Dental Practice
January 9, 2019

Let’s say a new family moves in down the street, and the neighborhood throws a barbecue so everyone can get acquainted. During the evening, the new neighbor says, “I need to find a really good dentist for my kids. Is …

Toothy McToothface?
November 26, 2018

We’re looking for a suitable name for this little cutie, who by the way, will be joining the White and Associates Team at all our industry events! First up is the MPLS version of the “Mid-Winter“. We’ve got cold and …