5 Forbidden Phrases to Avoid In Your Dental Office

January 13, 2022

Don’t Let This Happen to You

Sometimes, the most costly business mistakes can happen in only a few seconds upon meeting a new business contact. Here are five forbidden phrases to avoid in your dental office..

Forbidden Phrase #1:

I don’t know.”

There is no need to ever utter these words. If, you don’t know, find out. Usually, there isn’t a thing you can’t find out, outside of sensitive and financial information. Instead, say: “Gee, that’s a good question. Let me check into that.”

Forbidden Phrase #2:

“I can’t do that”.

This one is guaranteed to get your customer’s blood boiling. Instead, say: “Boy, that’s a tough one. Let’s see what we can do.” Then find an alternative solution.

Forbidden Phrase #3:

You’ll have to.”

Wrong. The only thing that a caller has to do is die and pay taxes. Instead: Use phrases such as ”You’ll need to” or “Here’s how we can help with that” or “The next time that happens, here’s what you can do.”

Forbidden Phrase #4:

Hang on a second, I’ll be right back.”

If you’ve ever said that to a caller, you’ve lied. Not a big lie, but nevertheless an unnecessary lie. Instead: Watch what happens when you tell the truth “It may take me a minute to get that information. Are you able to hold while I check?”

Forbidden Phrase #5:

No” at the beginning of a sentence. 

The word “no” is useless and conveys total rejection. Most sentences are grammatically correct without the word. Instead: Turn every answer into a positive response. “We aren’t able to refund your money, but we can replace the product at no charge.”