Reaching patients on a non-clinical level

Understanding your patients is crucial to their overall satisfaction and likelihood of retention. Taking time to listen to their needs and the non-clinical benefits that will have the greatest impact on their lives goes a long way toward improving their experience.

When your patients feel understood and valued it creates a warm, comforting environment for your business. As experts in practice management, we will work with you to develop communication techniques that connect with your patients on a more personal level. In many cases, their acceptance of treatment is tied more closely to personal lifestyle benefits than to clinical explanations. They want to feel understood more than they want to understand the treatment plan.

Skills that connect

Developing personal communications with your patients is an art and requires a wide skill set on the part of your team. We’ll partner with you to deliver specific solutions that help you:

  • Understand what your patients want, not just what they need
  • Ask well-crafted questions that illicit personal responses
  • Develop long-term personal relationships that lead to significant dentistry
Are you ready to increase your case acceptance and develop closer relationships with your patients? We're here to help you put their needs at the forefront of your practice.
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Average first-year increase in case acceptance rate

Who needs this solution

Your practice could benefit from increased case acceptance if:

  • You struggle to connect with patients on a personal level
  • Your patients don’t feel heard
  • You have significant undone dentistry in your patient files
  • You’re uncomfortable asking questions with unknown answers
  • You struggle with rejection