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When we want dental health, we visit our dentist. When dentists need business health, they come to us. We understand that practice consulting isn’t necessarily an everyday discussion, so we want to make sure all your questions are answered. Still have questions after reading our FAQ? Get in touch with us and we’ll give you the personal attention you deserve.

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  • Why do I need practice consulting?

    You’re an expert professional when it comes to dentistry. However, dental school does very little to prepare you to be a business owner. Practice consulting (at least the way we do it) is designed to take the burden of business off your shoulders so you can focus on providing the best dental care possible to your patients. Practice consulting is a broad term that includes many different solutions and systems. By closely evaluating your practice and listening to your needs and concerns, we recommend the right solutions to implement so you can reach your business goals.

  • What makes you different from a typical consultant?

    A typical consultant comes in knowing the “right” solution before they even talk to you (and they charge you before you can talk to them). They evaluate everything as a critic, not as a coach who’s prepared to be a mutual partner on your path to business success. Our approach to consulting is much more personal. Through face-to-face meetings and in-person practice evaluations, we get to know you and your team so we can implement the right recommendations for your specific goals.

  • Do we have to pay just to talk to you?

    No. Unlike most consulting firms, we offer an initial no-fee consultation. We don’t think it’s right to charge you just to listen. We believe in beginning with an open dialogue where both parties feel comfortable. Starting with money always breaks down that personal connection and makes the process less genuine. If you give us a call right now, we’ll gladly speak with you for no cost and no strings attached.

  • How is your team commitment system different from a bonus program?

    If you’re asking this question, you’ve most likely tried a bonus program before and been less than satisfied. A bonus program typically rewards individual performance and often relies on subjective criteria that has to be determined by the dentist, which puts more work on you. The main problem with a bonus program is that it only rewards the individual and often doesn’t connect to the best interest of the team as a whole. A team commitment system is different because it makes compensation a win-win event: When the doctor earns more, the staff earns more; when the staff earns more, the doctor earns more. In other words, practice growth is in everyone’s best interest.

  • What makes you an expert in the dental industry?

    The dental coaches at White & Associates have over 50 years of combined experience working with dental practices throughout the Midwest. We were one of the first dental consultants in Minnesota, and our team includes dental hygienists and dental office managers who have extensive experience working in practices just like yours. Our combination of business expertise and dental knowledge makes us the perfect partner for practice success.

  • How much does practice consulting cost?

    Unlike most consulting firms, we don’t have set retainer fees or one-size-fits-all packages. Everything we do is customized for your unique needs. While the cost can vary, one thing remains consistent no matter which services you end up needing: you will get a great return on your investment that will make you wish you had come to us years ago!