The best patient retention system in dentistry

One of the most important factors in your practice’s success is the patient retention benefit of a strong recall system. A strong recall system has a direct financial impact and is a practice booster.

Your recall system serves as an important indicator of the state of your practice. How many months go by between your average patient’s visits? What quality communications come from your hygienists about the next visit, or is the next visit “just a cleaning”? Your team members must communicate clearly the reason for the next visit. “Just a cleaning” is insufficient. Consistent and persistent attention to this system results in higher patient retention. We have the experience to guide and coach your team to obtain high performance.

The team is a major determiner of the practice's success

You will realize the maximum benefit of your recall system when the entire team buys into it. As your local partner and dental business coach, we’ll help you:

  • Develop consistent patient communications to increase retention
  • Train hygienists on their critical role in communicating the practice’s value system
  • Convey to the patient “what’s in it for them” and why it’s important to return for care
  • Lean the secrets of proven patient telephone communications
Are you ready to grow your practice? An effective recall system is an important first step. We're here to help you implement the best recall system in the industry.
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Average first-year increase in patient retention rate

Who needs this solution

Your practice could benefit from our industry-leading recall techniques if:

  • You want to foster continued growth
  • You have been struggling to keep a productive schedule
  • Confidence has been low in many of your procedures
  • The team needs a clear understanding of your standard of care