We have been using J.White & Associates for 5 years. Our practice has almost doubled in production and collections in that time. We want from a 5 operatory clinic to a brand new 10 operatory clinic with state of the art equipment. Jay and Christian guided us in our transition, helped us find the right people to do the building. Helped us hire the right people to double our production. Helped us to put in place the right systems to succeed.

Dr. Doug Trebtoske
Byron Dental |
Byron, MN

I highly recommend working with White & Associates dental practice consultants. The budget we make with them every year has greatly improved my understanding of our cash flow and monthly expenses. Overall their business knowledge has really helped us to run our practice more efficiently.

Dr. Brad Anderson
Anderson Dental |
Fargo, ND

I have worked with White & Associates for almost 25 years and it has proven to be a practice-building experience from day one. Their coaching suggestions have improved our scheduling, workflow, and interpersonal relationships with patients and staff. The Commission System for the staff has proven to be a great staff motivator. Utilizing their many suggestions has increased both our production and collections. The consultants at White & Associates have always been available to answer questions and discuss ideas about dentistry and life. My career has been a much more enjoyable experience because of working with them.

Dr. E. Kent Shirley
Family Dentistry |
Fargo, ND

White & Associates have been a critical part of our office over the last five years. With their guidance we have integrated a more effective recall system, learned how to schedule more productively, and planned for the future with more focus. As a result we have been able to place an addition on our building and double the number of operatories. Our office runs more smoothly, and our patient care is more enjoyable.

Dr. Heidi Torgerson
Byron Dental |
Byron, MN

I feel that the knowledge and expertise that White & Associates has regarding dental practices has just helped me be a more confident dentist, their knowledge and understanding of practice numbers has been a huge benefit. This extra confidence has given me a boost when I’m faced with making business decisions for my practice.

Dr. Jake Koller
James Koller Family Dentistry |
North St. Paul, MN

White & Associates helped me implement a commission system that has worked great at keeping the schedule productive and the holes promptly filled. My staff now understands how the practice functions and how many dollars we need to produce to provide their pay and the quality of care we decided on together. To be really honest with you this is the best return on an investment I have ever made in my dental practice. I highly recommend that you consider working with White & Associates.

Dr. Jeff Fordice
Birch Street Dentistry |
Fairmont, MN

We have appreciated the guidance the we have received from White & Associates. Our front desk is much more efficient and organized since we started working with them. So many questions come up that we have no point of reference for since most of my staff have not worked at other offices. They have been a reference for us in regards to best practices for dental offices. I wanted to share the office’s successes with my staff, and the commission system that White & Associates implemented has allowed me to do that.

Dr. Jon Erickson
Fairmont Family Dentistry |
Fairmont, MN

White & Associates has kept me near the leading edge of dentistry in the last 18 years that I’ve worked with them. They have brought in ideas that have changed for the better the way we practice and how we communicate and relate to people. They introduced an entrepreneurial team compensation system that has resulted in the team taking a significant responsibility for the office profitability as well as production and collections. Because of them, we have been able to develop a team which is uniquely rewarded for the fine service we provide our clients. I would recommend anyone who wants to take their office to the next level to work with White & Associates.

Dr. Orvin J. Leis
Elbow Lake Dental Center |
Elbow Lake, MN

After many years of working with another consulting group and having good success with our business systems, we still lacked team camaraderie and decided it was time to invest in our team. We wanted to be the best. We wanted to provide the best care. We wanted to provide the best patient experience. We wanted to be the best office to work at and work for. We wanted to the be the best team. Enter White & Associates. Jay, Christian, and their team grew our staff into a family. We are no longer just a successful group of individuals working at the same dental office. We have become a cohesive team working together to achieve the same goals. Our staff have taken ownership of the practice’s success. They now understand that the financial well-being of the office is directly correlated with their own financial success. If you are frustrated by a lack of motivation in your team, the incentive program developed by White & Associates will change that. Before long, your team will be asking to add patients on, stay late, and make care calls. Your team will encourage treatment acceptance and recommend treatment to patients. You will be amazed by the engagement of your team. If you are ready to take your dental office to the next level, White & Associates are the right consultants to take you there.

Dr. Rachel Nolander-Poppel
Advanced Family Dental |
Albert Lea, MN

Working with White & Associates over the years has given my team and I a great sense of cohesiveness. They have shown us how to work together toward common goals and how to have fun while we work on achieving professional, personal, and financial goals.

Dr. Todd Hansen
Lakeside Dental |
Duluth, MN