Turn your insurance headaches into triumphs

Dental insurance has become a major headache for most practices. This tough but necessary aspect of practice management can often prove difficult to navigate but is highly beneficial when handled correctly. That’s where we come in.

Our team of experts will partner with you to perfect strategies that give you the upper hand in every insurance scenario. The main goal is to make sure the patient knows you are on their side. This strengthens the relationship between practice and patient and reduces confusion throughout the whole process. After all, it is your practice — not the insurance company — that has the close doctor/patient relationship. Taking these steps can lead the patient to serve as your advocate when communicating with their insurance company.

Navigating the insurance relationship

Managing insurance company headaches requires specific knowledge and a certain finesse. We’re here to provide personalized solutions to help you:

  • Master your patient communications to keep insurance companies from controlling your office
  • Gain the upper hand between patient and insurance company
  • Turn your patients into advocates when dealing with insurance companies
Insurance tasks don't have to cause frustration. As the premier leader in dental practice management, we'll work with you to turn these issues into advantages.
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Who needs this solution

Your practice could benefit from our insurance communication expertise if:

  • Your patients feel you aren’t on their side when it comes to insurance
  • You feel insurance companies have too much control over your practice
  • You’ve lost time and money due to insurance company issues
  • You want to strengthen relationships with your patients
  • Your team finds it stressful to deal with insurance companies