Help your hygienists master communication

As a primary point of contact between practice and patient, your hygienists have a direct impact on patient experience and retention. Unfortunately, many hygienists don’t have the right communication skills or approach to connect with your patients.

Our team of experts offers communication training to help your hygienists better engage with your patients. Training hygienists to point out areas of concern to the patient will add to their professional fulfillment and improve dental acceptance. Properly using the intra-oral camera will also make hygienists more valuable.

Conversation that drives referrals

We’re here to work with your hygienists and train them in every aspect of patient interaction. As your industry-leading practice consultant, we’ll help you:

  • Communicate with doctors and patients to improve patient acceptance
  • Add value and importance to the recall visit
  • Set goals for the hygiene department
Ready for your hygienists to become expert communicators? We'll guide them through these areas to help improve your overall patient experience.
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Average increase in patient conversion into the operative schedule

Who Needs this Solution

Your practice could benefit from hygienist communication training if:

  • You want to foster continued growth
  • You want to increase practice loyalty
  • You want more clinical talk and less social conversation
  • You want more referrals