5 key ways a dental practice consultant can improve your business

March 4, 2019

If being a good dentist was the only aspect of managing a successful dental practice, the market would be flooded with practices excelling in all areas of the business. Unfortunately (or perhaps fortunately for the sake of competition), this isn’t the case. There’s a lot more that goes into a practice’s success than simply providing satisfactory care. Many of these areas do not receive enough attention when trying to make the most of a dental operation. Here are five of the key ways a consultant can help uncover these areas and strategize solutions to make the most of your practice.

Getting your team to buy in

A more committed dental team creates a better overall experience for you, your staff, and your patients, boosting productivity and profitability along the way. A team commitment system can help make your team responsible for its own compensation and make performance the responsibility of everyone – not just the dentist. It creates a win-win situation in which team members earn more as the office earns more. A consultant can help implement an effective commitment system to help team members see their unique value and understand that their best interests and those of the practice are one and the same.

Improving hygienist communication

Communication during an appointment is key, and the majority comes from hygienist-patient interaction. From small talk to care information, communication is key to creating a positive experience for your patients. It’s not uncommon for hygienists to lack these skills, as interacting with patients is different than interacting with people on an everyday basis. A consultant can implement training techniques to help hygienists provide better fulfillment for patients and for themselves, as they’ll start to feel like they’re actually creating a connection. A good conversation and experience during every visit will start to drive referrals for your practice.

Increasing case acceptance

A patient’s acceptance of treatment is typically more tied to the benefits it will have on their lifestyle than to the actual clinical impact. They want to feel understood more than they want to understand the treatment plan. To provide the best experience to patients, you need to connect with them on a non-clinical level. Accommodating aspects that will improve their lives outside of clinical care means a lot to them, especially with things like scheduling conflicts and other special circumstances. A consultant will work with you to develop communication techniques that connect with patients to understand their wants as well as their needs. It’s all about asking the right questions and developing a relationship that can lead to a lifetime of dental health.

Learning to navigate practice transitions

It can be easy for practice transitions to spiral out of control. There are a lot of factors that aren’t properly considered until it’s too late and you find yourself fixing mistakes. Planning, communication, and timing are all key, and a consultant can help prioritize all three to ensure everyone involved comes out a winner. You need to clearly communicate with staff and patients in regard to the transition, otherwise rumors and confusion can take control of the process. A consultant can play an important role in establishing a timeline and honing your messaging strategy.

Streamlining the insurance process

The insurance process can often be difficult for practices to navigate, and learning how to do so correctly can save time and provide a better experience for patients. It also keeps insurance companies from having any control over your office and the way you operate. A consultant can help develop strategies that give you an upper hand in almost any insurance scenario, letting your patients know you’re always on their side. This will strengthen relationships and encourage your patients to act as advocates of the practice when interacting with insurance companies.

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