Services Provided
  • Team Commitment System
  • Dental Recall System
  • Increase Dental Practice Profitability
  • Dental Office Scheduling
  • Increasing Dental Case Acceptance
  • Personnel Changes & Office Policies
  • Dental Hygienist Communicative Training

Advanced Family Dentistry

Location: Albert Lea, MN |

The problem the client was facing:

This dental practice was facing some very large staff problems or soft issues that were undermining the productivity of the practice. The biggest of these was ENTITLEMENT. The staff were extremely ungrateful, expected something for nothing. The doctors were not excited about coming to work. The patients could walk through the front doors and sense that something wasn’t quite right.

Briefly describe the solutions you implemented to solve the problems:

  • Implemented our Team Based Compensation System
  • Reviewed staff salaries for appropriateness
  • Coached the staff on Block Scheduling Techniques
  • Reinstituted Morning Huddles
  • Organized the delinquent recall effort

What were the results?

  • The Team based Compensation system took the responsibility for the running of the dental practice off the shoulders of the dentists exclusively and shared it with the staff. The staff became responsible and accountable instantly. The “Entitlement” attitude disappeared.
  • We now had a productive / profitable schedule. We put patients in the schedule with intent — they weren’t just thrown in with the hope that everything will balance out in the end. The staff now knew, for each doctor, where patients with specific procedures should be scheduled, morning or afternoon and with the help of scripting we were able to gently move patients into those times.
  • The delinquent recall effort took new shape. We were able to coach several staff members on how to make productive delinquent recall phone calls especially at night and what to say to get patients to schedule. This is a lost art in most dental practices. The good news was as a result of these efforts, the hygiene schedule eventually was scheduled out six weeks solid.

The dentists and the staff came to the office every morning singing in the shower.

  • The Team Based Compensation System increased production by 16%
  • Gross Production increased by 16%
  • Total office collections increased by 15%
  • Recall effectiveness increased to 80%
  • Crown & Bridge increased by 42%
  • Profit increased by 19%

After many years of working with another consulting group and having good success with our business systems, we still lacked team camaraderie and decided it was time to invest in our team. We wanted to be the best. We wanted to provide the best care. We wanted to provide the best patient experience. We wanted to be the best office to work at and work for. We wanted to the be the best team. Enter White & Associates. Jay, Christian, and their team grew our staff into a family. We are no longer just a successful group of individuals working at the same dental office. We have become a cohesive team working together to achieve the same goals. Our staff have taken ownership of the practice’s success. They now understand that the financial well-being of the office is directly correlated with their own financial success. If you are frustrated by a lack of motivation in your team, the incentive program developed by White & Associates will change that. Before long, your team will be asking to add patients on, stay late, and make care calls. Your team will encourage treatment acceptance and recommend treatment to patients. You will be amazed by the engagement of your team. If you are ready to take your dental office to the next level, White & Associates are the right consultants to take you there.

Dr. Rachel Nolander-Poppel
Advanced Family Dental |
Albert Lea, MN