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Why Assess your Dental Practice?

Our in-depth dental practice systems assessment focuses on 25 areas of your practice. This gives us the data we need to accurately pinpoint areas of your dental practice that are performing well and those areas that need improvement. We spend 8-12 hours studying and assessing your dental practice systems information.

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All payments will be refunded to the client if they sign a consulting contract with White & Associates Practice consulting.

You will receive…

Our in-depth Practice Systems Assessment that focuses on these 25 areas of your practice:

  • Accounts Receivable
  • Average Monthly Collections
  • Monthly Production: Doctor(s) Production (listed individually), Hygiene Production (Total of all hygienists combined), Total Gross Office Production, Less Write-Offs,Total Net Office Production
  • Office Collection Percentage
  • Accounts Receivable Ratio
  • Receivables in excess of 1.5 months Production
  • Active Patient Count (patients seen in the last 18 months)
  • New Patients Per Month
  • Hygiene Visits Per Month (Hygiene Production Per Visit)
  • Hygiene Hourly Production
  • Average Length of a Hygiene Visit
  • Recall Patients Seen Per Month
  • Recall Effectiveness (%)
  • Average Recall Interval (Months)
  • Doctor Visits Per Month (listed individually)
  • Length of an Average Doctor Visit (listed individually)
  • Doctor Production Per Hour (listed individually)
  • Doctor Production Per Visit (listed individually)
  • Practice Hygiene to Operative Ratio
  • Perio Production (produced by hygiene – combined total)
  • Perio as a Percentage of Hygiene Production
  • Crown and Bridge Production Per Month (listed by individual doctor)
  • Crown and Bridge as a percentage of Total Office Production
  • Exams Per Month (listed by individual doctor)
  • Production Per Exam (listed by individual doctor)

The Recommendation Process of the Practice Assessment

Once we have all the quantitative information, you will receive a comprehensive written report which we will go over and give you an accurate picture of how the dental practice is performing. The reporting and review process generally takes around 2-3 hours, allowing ample time for questions, answers, and discussion points.

We Will Include A Bonus:

Analysis Of Your Profit & Loss Statement

We review the P & L statements for the past two years, this is pertinent to having an accurate and clear financial picture of your dental practice.

Our Monthly Management Report

We will set up your Monthly Management Report, this will allow us to track your productivity and scheduling. This allows you the ability to see the big picture of your practice’s performance and answer the most basic question, “How are we doing?”

We look forward to completing your Practice Systems Assessment and sharing all the important findings with you.