July 8, 2021

We find today, as the virus ends, the challenge is keeping talented people in the profession The question now is, how to keep vitally important team members on the team. A dream job isn’t always about money, but it’s difficult to buck the powers of the marketplace. Dentists tend to believe that money is the biggest motivator but they’re other contributors to staff stability as well.

The atmosphere and climate of the office is a biggee!!!! (That’s not humidity) The presence of close friends in the staff have proven to be a major factor in retaining great staff. Team building has proven to be a great long term investment. It promotes an “US” mentality and creates warmer team relationships. Afterall, this is what separates private offices from corporate ones. In addition, dentists who listen to the team and actively seek out their opinions creates a cohesive environment, which patients can sense.

Showing team appreciation costs nothing except mindfulness. The discipline of doing it regularly will create a culture which communicates appreciation and respect.

Investing in the team’s continuing education increases the value of the staff’s skills and inspires and challenges them to do more. Make them feel they are worthy of an investment. Give them the opportunity to take on new innovative responsibilities and increase their self-esteem.

The method of compensation sends a nonverbal message to the team. It needs to reward initiative, responsibility for outcomes and create opportunity for personal economic growth. Nationally, more than 65% of team members are not part of an incentive plan.

This may be another reason why job turnover is so high and why so many staff look for a new career. Allowing staff to personally participate and be personally responsible for office growth, will increase self-esteem and a feeling of belonging. Data has consistently shown an incentive plan will increase production as well as create a feeling of partnership with the office.

Over the last 30 years our Win/Win Team Compensation Program has increased office production by an average of 25%. We would love the opportunity to show you how your practice can benefit from our proven techniques.