How a team commitment system can help make the most of your dental practice

April 29, 2019

Dentists and practice managers are always looking for new ways to get the most out of their business, from improving recall effectiveness and hygienist communication to boosting profitability and case acceptance. While these aspects are all important, the secret to maximizing the performance of your practice lies in maximizing the commitment of your team.

Here are the key ways a team commitment system from White & Associates can help you get the most out of your dental practice.

The risks of an uncommitted team

Practices can often struggle to get the most out of their team, and the results can be seen throughout the day-to-day operations of the business. These negative results include:

  • Low energy and morale – Team members can be prone to simply going through the motions if they don’t have clearly set shared goals to pursue.
  • Communication breakdowns – If the team doesn’t share common goals, it can fail to see the importance of relaying information effectively.
  • Patient experience suffers – Patients do not enjoy visiting an office where they feel the team is not committed to success and quality care.

These issues damage all sides of your practice, from dental practice profitability to patient retention – and it all stems from having a team that’s not committed to one another.

A traditional bonus program is not the answer

Many practices when facing these issues try to implement a bonus program, but this doesn’t provide the best solution. Most bonus programs reward individual performance based on subjective criteria determined by the dentist (creating more work for the dentist). This only rewards singular people without tapping into the overarching goals of the team. That’s not good enough.

White & Associates’ innovative team commitment system

To combat this challenge, White & Associates has developed a new system backed by decades of research and experience to motivate your team while also helping grow your practice. Within the system, each team member is responsible for their own compensation. As the practice earns more, so does each team member and vice versa. This creates a win-win for everyone involved – from dentists and hygienists to administrators and even patients.

This power over their own success improves productivity and morale and gives each team member a clear reason for doing their best work on a daily basis. It also removes the burden of performance from the dentists’ shoulders and alleviates a good amount of their stress.


Working this system into your practice might seem like too tall of a task, but it is entirely achievable. We will train your team to get everyone on board and involved in the formulation of the system. This inspires commitment from the start, and shows each team member that their own goals and those of the practice are one and the same.

A better practice starts with a better team – and that starts with putting your team members in control of their own success. Contact White & Associates today for a complimentary consultation to discover all the ways your practice can start meeting its goals.