Opinions From Patients About Dental Practices

May 15, 2015

What Patients Said They Liked:
1. “Warm fuzzies” from the staff
2. Human, caring doctors
3. Painless dentistry
4. Doctor calls to check on patients
5. Clean and esthetic facility
6. Great feelings in the office
7. Good/painless injections
8. Great with kids
9. Doctor treats staff nicely
10. Good with working patients into the schedule
11. Wi-fi in the office

How patients would improve dental practices:
1. Receptionists would be more helpful and friendly
2. Stay on schedule—respect our time. It’s precious to us.
3. Remember that we are people, not numbers
4. Clarify fees
5. Inform before doing dental work
6. Help me understand my dental insurance
7. Give dental assistants more introduction or credibility
8. Hygienists preach too much
9. Be gentle
10. Be more sensitive to our fears of dentistry