Posterior Restorations Workshop

August 21, 2019

Live Clinical Patient Training

Course Synopsis: Attendees will learn how to use new materials and technologies to preserve tooth structure and provide affordable, more profitable care with less stress for their patients.

During this fast-paced, 3-credit hour Lecture/Live Clinical Patient Training, attendees will learn about biomedical function, engineering principles and dentin substitution during core build-up and Class II composite restorations. Proper preparation, adhesion and material selection will be discussed. Each live clinical participant will be instructor-guided using easy to understand, step-by-step instructions.

Clinicians participating in course are required to complete Hope Dental Clinic’s volunteer processing which includes a background check, volunteer application submission and providing a copy of your current liability insurance certificate. Surgical gowns and PPE will be provided for use. Clinicians should bring loops as they will not be provided by Hope Dental Clinic.  

Course Objectives:

  • Learn how to be more profitable restoring posterior teeth.
  • Recognize the principles of engineered designed restorations for bulk fill.
  • Glass Ionomers and dentin substitution.
  • Learn how to prevent sensitivity and establish tight contacts.
  • How do I as a clinician/dentist get my patient to understand and listen to me?