Profile of Highly Prosperous Dentists

November 18, 2015
  1. Clinical confidence and excellence.
  2. High self-esteem.
  3. Has a deep appreciation for the people who assist them in their journey, starting with family or origin through contemporaries and fellow team members.
  4. Excellent communication skills.
  5. Ability to communicate feelings to people.
  6. A pervasive inner calm.
  7. Knows how to give staff what they need to be genuine people as well as team members.
  8. A high level of internal locus of control versus external locus of control.
  9. Leadership is exercised by influence not power.
  10. Constantly visualizes what the practice should look like, where it is going and, equally as frequently, verbalizes this vision to team members.
  11. Invites other people to go on the journey with them.
  12. Accepts people for what they are and knows that they cannot change others. The only person they can change is themselves.
  13. Feels responsible for the personal growth of his team and is not threatened by excellence in others either clinically or behaviorally.
  14. Open to changes and new ideas even if they come from others.
  15. The doctor is non-intimidating to the staff which means the staff can give their opinion fully and be respected.
  16. One who will gladly scrub the bathroom if it is needed.
  17. Is a mentor to and seeks mentor relationship with others.