Brenda Chamberland

Office Manager

Brenda Chamberland is a new member of the JWA team. She contributes enthusiasm, humor, organization, administrative support, and leadership to the office environment. Brenda’s eclectic background in business development, management, and marketing is wonderful addition to our group.

In 1991, Brenda started her own business in Home Health Care.  She developed a professional team, learned and practiced Human Resources, office management, incorporated policies and procedures, customer care, networking, and acquired national accreditations to build a client- based business from origin to sale-ability.

Brenda also contributed to the growth of a private school by restructuring and building upon existing systems.  Her primary focus was on improving the areas of Customer Service and communication via Power Point presentations, newsletters, and networking with area schools.

Recently, Brenda acquired her Real Estate License to pursue Real Estate Investing.  As a Contractor/Project Manager, she and her husband have renovated numerous properties and currently manage their own rental properties.  As Government entities began to mandate more restrictions for investors and contractors, the disadvantages began to outweigh the advantages. Thus, she has chosen to find fulfillment in other areas and now desires a career which contributes to the growth of other successful companies by utilizing her various business and management skills.

“It has always been my primary goal in life to make a difference, whether it is in people’s lives or business.  I have always liked a challenge and it has been very rewarding to see how my efforts have had an impact on other businesses. My Father always told me; “if you are someone with a positive attitude, motivation  and a great work ethic, you can learn anything!”  That is why I am excited about being a part of an expanding  Company which already has so many key players in place, I feel we can learn so much from each other.”  – Brenda Chamberland

Brenda resides in Rosemount, MN with her husband.  Outside of the office, she enjoys spending time with her husband, 2 sons, and daughter.  Together, they enjoy vacations (via private plane flown by her husband!) to a “fly-in” fishing resort in Canada.