The Dental BREAKDOWN Podcast – Joe Friction

August 21, 2019

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Josiah Fricton is uniquely qualified to represent dentists, as he has been surrounded by them his whole life.

Both of Joe’s parents and several other family members are dentists, and he was the only kid growing up whose parents gave out toothbrushes for Halloween. Joe began his legal career as a law clerk for the Judge Jill Halbrooks of the Minnesota Court of Appeals.

A Minnesota native, Joe attended the University of Iowa, and majored in History and Religious Studies. Joe has always wanted to help people, but also loved his humanities courses, so he chose law as a way to combine helping others.

Joe is known for listening intently to clients, taking the time to understand their questions and disputes, and fully engaging with the issues.  He enjoys working with other attorneys and crafting strong arguments that encourage a fair course of action.

Joe and his wife Jenny have two boys, Lucas and Charlie.  Joe is an active member of the Lake Harriet Yacht Club, and owns a sailboat that he races both on Lake Harriet and at numerous regattas in Iowa and Minnesota during the summer.

Minnesota Native Joe Fricton Joins us on The Dental BREAKDOWN to talk about how he helps dentists deal with the challenges and frustrations of selling their dental practice.