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Managing a successful dental practice requires more than just being a dentist. It requires staff management, team motivation, maintaining a productive schedule, all while also focusing on case acceptance. The goal of our bookstore is to provide you the ability to see the big picture of your practice’s performance and answer the most basic question, “How are we doing?”

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Proven systems for continuous growth

We get it. Consulting sounds expensive. And you need results. That’s why we focus on ROI-driven solutions designed for your specific needs while staying within your budget. If that sounds too good to be true, wait until you see our results.

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Better business, better dentistry

Unless you’re a dentist with a business degree, you probably need some help managing your practice. As your personal dental coach, we can handle the business side of your practice allowing you to focus on being a dentist while also maximizing your profits.

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Your personal dental coaches

We’re not your typical consulting firm. We’re a group of highly experienced dental business experts with a strong passion for dentistry.

We believe…

the governance of today’s dental office must weld the economic and personal well-being of the team to the office and when this is joined with the well-being of the doctor the result is mutually beneficial. This is when the dental office reaches take off speed and flies into the future.

We will work with you face-to-face or remotely as your partner for practice success. Meet our team today. We look forward to meeting with yours tomorrow.